Financial Protection flipbook 2024

Homeowners Insurance Homeowners insurance provides compensation (up to the policy limits) if the policyholder’s home is damaged or destroyed, or if the family’s possessions are stolen or damaged. It can also provide some measure of protection against liability claims and medical expenses that result from property damage or injuries suffered by others on the property. There are essentially 17 named perils against which you can insure your dwelling. Standard homeowners policies cover the first 11, and youmay be able to purchase additional coverage for the others. The next level of coverage includes the basic perils, plus the following • Falling objects • Weight of ice, snow, or sleet • Three kinds of water-related damage from home utilities or appliances (freezing, rupturing, and accidental overflow) • Electrical surge damage Basic perils • Fire or lightning • Smoke • Windstorm or hail • Vandalism or malicious mischief • Explosion • Theft • Riot or civil commotion • Breakage of glass or glazing • Damage caused by aircraft • Damage caused by vehicles • Volcanic eruption